Instructable on the Tennis Racketar

  I’ve finally made a how-to on the Tennis Racketar that I made all those years ago, I’ve put it all up on Instructables for your viewing/learning pleasures.          … Continue reading

How-To: The 5 minute tunable 1-stringed instrument

This is a quick how-to on how to build yourself the easiest/quickest tunable stringed instrument in the world out of bits you probably have lying around your house. The wire I used was… Continue reading

I used to play music too…

Back in 2007, before I got interested in making instruments, I did a little solo set with a loop station and a few different instruments of my own.   Looking back now, it’s pretty… Continue reading

Pallet Wood Headphones

Recently my headphones broke, so naturally I had to make some more from scrap wood, nuts and bolts and the bits that were still working.    They’ve come out quite nicely! 

Vulpestruments on the MAKE Blog!

The brilliant, hugely influential and wonderful team at MAKE have included my post on DIY Tuning pegs onto their Blog, which is probably how most of you came across my website in the… Continue reading

The Mocimer

I was commissioned to create a hollow-bodied version of the moustache shaped guitar that I auctioned off for November last year. This was a tricky build but worked out well, all the wood… Continue reading


I’ve recently been really enjoying Tuvan music and the philosophies and views they have on music. All of their instruments are made from things they find in nature, wood, bone, hides etc. Their… Continue reading

The Fanhorn Harp

    I’ve just finished a commission which has taken me a good few.months to complete. So it felt right to work on something that would materialise much much quicker.      … Continue reading

A Note on DIY Tuning Pegs

Tuning pegs might be one of the trickiest parts of a stringed instrument to get right while still remaining DIY. There are easy, time tested methods of accurately and reliably tuning strings; such… Continue reading

Achievement Unlocked!

Not too long ago I got the amazing honour of having The Guardian Music tweet my humble blog.  Home-made musical instruments – brilliant— Guardian music (@guardianmusic) December 14, 2012   I’m not… Continue reading