Welcome to the new and improved Vulpestruments.com! I’ve had to re-think my online presence due to how varied the work I do now has become. I no longer just build fun things and write about them. I have been working on installations, workshops, talks and demonstrations, performances, concerts, radio and a whole host more. So…

The Multi-Dronemachine

I made this one quite a while ago, but hadn’t got around to getting any decent photos of it yet. These are probably decent enough… It uses bike brake cables as strings, has dual piezo and inductive pickups. It also has some springs and strimmer wire strings added to the block with the piezo in…

London Arduino Day!

This Saturday I will be showcasing at London Arduino day with a bunch of other excellent peoples at my second home Machinesroom in Bethnal Green. Exhibitors > Curio: capacitative touch matrix instrument by Tim Yates > Voice-controlled bubble-farting unicorn by CyberCitizens > DIY instruments by Vulpestruments > Arduino Flight Controllers (tricopter & quadcopter) by Martin…

Concert at the Royal College of Music

I am MASSIVELY excited to announce that I have been working with some great composers from the Royal College of Music to put together a concert using mostly my instruments! Composers Christopher Schlechte-Bond and Nicholas Morrish Rarity present an extraordinary concert of works for an ensemble of newly invented string instruments created by sound artist Tom Fox, all of which…

The Hummingbird MKII, Manual Mode

The Hummingbird is usually controlled by Twitter, I fancied playing it myself so rigged up a simple switch mode using connector block and bike brake cable that runs to the other pin of each relay unit. The noises are a result of electromagnetic interference from the motors creating a current in the pickup in the…

Talk and mini-workshop

My next talk and workshop event will with the wonderful folks of Music Hackspace in my spiritual home of Limewharf in east London. I’ll be giving a talk all about the theory and practise of DIY instrument building and where to source everything you’d need for cheap and interesting instrument building. Afterwards there will be…


I’ve had my Springything for quite a long time now, so have figured out a lot of fun different ways to get different noises from it. So here’s a short track using nothing but this instrument:

Laser Cut Erhu

My latest instrument isn’t strictly speaking recycled, but I’m pretty happy with how it’s turned out so I’d like to share it. It is cut from a single sheet of 6mm plywood, with piano tuning pins and violin strings. And here is a video of me playing it badly:

Workshops coming up

I have a few workshops lined up, those who came to the Funzing Alternative xmas market yesterday might be looking for the links! http://uk.funzing.com/users/27412 I also have 2 gigs coming up, one for the Music Hackspace re-opening/moving party at Limewharf on the 17th, and another gig with the fantastic Tim Yates on the 19th at http://iklectikartlab.com/

The current collection

Someone asked me recently how many instruments I had at home. Here’s a rough idea: How many can you name? pic.twitter.com/nsCXeY1ZOD — Vulpestruments (@Vulpestruments) November 27, 2015 And here’s me trying to play lots of them at once: //platform.twitter.com/widgets.js

The Hummingbird MKII

This is the newest version of the Hummingbird instrument. It uses electrical disturbances of 8 different motors to induce a current in the transformer coil. It is connected to my twitter account via a raspberry pi. Whenever someone sends me a tweet the pattern of playing will change depending on that persons user id number….