Newest Dronitar

My latest Dronitar is a 3 stringed, 2-motored, piezo contact pickup’ed instrument made from plywood and a strip of hardwood from a doorframe! The frets are positioned so that it can only play… Continue reading

I’ll be at the London Mini Maker Faire!

  I’m very excited to announce that I will be exhibiting some of my instruments at this years London Mink Maker Faire in Elephant and Castle!     The MAKE movement… Continue reading

I’m playing a gig in London on Friday

I’m taking a few of my instruments for a spin in Londons Brick Lane on Friday! It’s going to be an evening of improv/experimental happy fun times. Come down if you can!

A New Mouthbow

I’ve been commissioned to do a few new instruments, one of which was this nice, simple and hopefully elegant Mouthbow!


  It’s been a while since an update so I’ll keep this brief.   In 12 days’ time I will be running an ultra-marathon, which is a ridiculous distance of 50k (2,343 Blue… Continue reading

A simple Mouthbow

  I saw a TED talk where David Holt played a Mouthbow, it sounded amazing and looked like it used similar mouth techniques that I’ve used before on Singing bowls. So I made… Continue reading

A short film about my work by Dave from Daves Conservatoire!

The amazing David Rees has made a short film about me! He’s managed to make me sound coherent which is a testament to his excellent editing skills. It also features my newest instrument… Continue reading

Rich playing the Leviaphone

Before I hand off one of my Leviaphones I bought it into the studio to get Rich to play around on it, here’s the video!

Analogue Interference Synth

  This instrument is a quick prototype that could lead to some much bigger ideas.   In a lot of my droning machines I need to place the motors as far from the pickups… Continue reading

Reverse Slide Can

  For my 101st post I’m giving you another incredibly simple instrument that you could build yourself in a matter of minutes.   With just a stick/bolt/pole going through a can/pringle tube/anything you… Continue reading